Friday, November 11, 2011

some guys just dont understand...

u meet me we start off talking..we get to know each other for like an hr only about you and you know so little about me. u try to impress me with your stories and pictures of ur life i show u nothing of mine. that concludes the day, i see u unexpectedly a second time that i was hoping i was never ever to see you again because ur just some random person that needed someone to talk to. we talk again. this time more about you and still nothing about me just that you know i have a boyfriend. heres what i think of you in the time that we talked to each other:
-please dont insist on me going out on a date with you because i will not go with you in the matter of time we met.
-dont tell me how bad u want a girl that u want to make happy when clearly im really not interested.
-stop calling me names such as sunshine, gorgeous, and beautiful it’s all flattering but we’re not dating.
-dont tell me how im some angel fallen from the heavens cuz i’ve heard that before and clearly ur just trying to get on my good side.
-im not interested in you are that you are with me, i have a boyfriend and i can only see you as an acquaintance/friend and that all im ever going to see you as
-stop calling me and begging me to talk on the phone with you because that clearly just makes things worse for me
-please dont send me a thousand messages asking me if im busy because in the time that i dont respond to ur text message it prety much means im actually doing something not ignoring you.
-dont tell me u wish u could see me cuz thats never going to happen considering that i make time for my family and my bf along with school.
-when i say that im not comfortable with something i really mean it and im not just saying that.
-i do not wish to prolong our friendship at all because its really not worth it i hardly know you 
-when i say im busy im busy..
-please listen when i say i do not wish to talk on the phone because i really dont
-one more thing, when i say that i have a boyfriend i have a boyfriend. im not just saying that cuz i can when i was single but no i am taken. dont tell me how u wish i was yours and make me pity my relationship because im not falling for it plus you’re a total stranger to me and you dont even go to my school let alone go to school. you’re 25 and live with ur mom and already have a child with ur ex. now what makes you think im going to just go for you? i honestly think ur not as attractive and to be honest if i were to wear heels around you id be a little bit taller..the fact that you told me u already have a kid just kinda made me think wow…okay….no.
i know this is one hell of a shallow, mean post about this guy but its getting annoying, and he cant seem to respect that i have a boyfriend. hes asks me about 5 times to go on a date and i absolutely refuse because i feel it isnt right at all and im just not down with that. so im pretty much ready to block his number real soon..

Sunday, October 30, 2011


With halloween just around the corner, I thought I would make up something with whatever I had. Since I'm not planning on spending my halloween going out this year I wanted to create something that halloween-ish yet fabulous at the same time haha so this is what I came up with...
So how does it look? do I pass as a zombie? or at least somewhat dead looking? hahaha Here's how I came to this look, I was using my 88 matte eyeshadow palette from BH Cosmetics. I first primed my eyes with Two Face primer and then took the brightest neon pink and applied it over my lids then taking a deeper purple to my crease and the outer edges, I then took the deep purple and swiped it over my bottom lid as well. pretty much I was doing a pink purple smokey eye look. So then I took the deep black grayish color just above the black and I started contouring my face, shading just below my eyes to make me look super tired and the temples of my forehead. Then I took a flat eye shadow brush and pretty much covered my lips lightly with a black shadow and voila! this is how it came out. I know I didnt do a tutorial but I have been busy studying and this was pretty much my study break! So tell me what you think! Id like to hear your thoughts about this look for halloween. =]

Sunday, October 23, 2011

First Impressions/Review on Revlon Lipsticks

I went down to CVS earlier today to purchase some home goods i.e toilet paper, sponges, soap, etc. And I stopped by the make up section (like I always do) and I saw Revlon was having some sales on their lip products so knowing that I've seen a few Youtube gurus talk about the products I decided to pick up some myself and try them out see if they're worth what the gurus say they are. I picked up one lipstick in 045 Raspberry and since the color shown on the tube was a deeper red, I was expecting a red bright red but toned down just a little but when I got home and opened the tube it was more of a deep burgundy red and it was way different than what I thought it was in the store and of course i couldn't open the package because it was sealed. The next lip product I bought was the Colorstay Ultimate liquid lipstick, now in the store I had thought well this is a pretty color ( I picked up the one in 010 Premium Pink) and assuming that it's a wear alone lipstick but it wasnt. When I opened up the products at home I was just shocked at how I perceived these products differently in the store. When I tried on the Raspberry lipstick I actually like how the color came out on my lips I know its a darker color than what I normally wear but since this is the fall season dark colors are now the trend. It has a silk gloss finish to it and it really feels like Im not wearing anything on my lips at all, So I decided why not and be daring with the darker lip color. The colorstay liquid lipstick is what disappointed me the most; assuming that this lipstick was wear alone it really wasn't, my lips felt super dry after application and it felt like I needed that extra gloss to keep my lips from over drying. The consistency was fine but afterwards my lips started to get tacky and if I had my lips closed long enough I swear it felt like my lips would be glued together. Overall I do regret purchasing this lip product and considering that I get my money back for it because this is something i try to avoid in lip products. Here are some pics and swatches I know they arn't as clear but I wanted to get a basic idea for you to view.
Premium Pink


Check out my video as well to hear more about my thoughts!

Long time no blog!! =]

So I have been away pretty much all the time now due to school and now work with my boyfriend spending nights with me here and there which delays me to update anything. But since I have free time right now I thought I could go ahead and update this now before I lag it even more! =]
To catch up with whatever has been going on with me, I have been pretty busy with school and pretty much not caring with style and what not only because I have such little time to vlog about any of my outfits or makeup. I recently got hired for the coussoulis arena to promote their upcoming show called the Video Games Live where there is going to be a live symphony playing soundtracks to videos with supporting light show and giant screens to display the video game that they're playing. So I've been a busy little bee these past few weeks.
I recently got a new hair cut!! =] i finally had the chance to go chop off some of my dead hair but managed to still keep my length in which I plan on cutting again in a few weeks to get out all my split ends. Then not only that I also got my bangs cut so now they are front straight bangs... although I do like the idea of the change I still manage to sweep my bangs to the side because I am so used to the side bangs and its something my boyfriend hates when I do that haha but yea here is a picture of what my hair looks like now...I know its kind of hard to see because of the black shirt that Im wearing but you get the idea though with the bangs and everything =]

I also received my package from Forever 21 purchasing a long sleeved shirt that feels so comfortable to wear but really light weight and an open cardigan which is amazing to wear as well and a brown embellished ( i guess you can say) belt. I've dressed up and dressed down the clothes I bought and will soon put up an outfit of the day to let you see how I style each time I go to class =] Here is the video of my little haul I recently uploaded. =]
Other than that I have been going out alot with my boyfriend and just recently went to dance held on campus this past friday night and got totally wasted. Lets just say that will be the last time Im ever going to let myself drink that much for I had a really bad hang over all day yesterday haha but it was still fun. I know I didnt get a picture of the outift I wore to the dance but I wore some gray yoga pants with a tight fitting black turtle neck with a elongated beaded necklace I bought from Forever 21 a while and high heels. For make up I was wearing my bright blue eye shadow from mac and basically made it into a smokey eye with nude lips. =]  Got some candy and yea I had a great time.. =]
Well I hope everyone had a safe weekend I know that everyone went out over the weekend for Halloween parties and what not and I just wish that all of you are safe and are being careful =] Have a safe Halloween guys!

Saturday, September 24, 2011!

So I found this website where anyone of any age can make a video and sponsor a product through youtube, twitter, tumblr, or facebook and make money by it when people view the video. It's a great way to earn at home if you dont have the time to work or something and it's great for students as well. I tried it out already with two videos sponsoring the site itself telling viewers who have twitters or tumblrs or facebook to sign up for free and start making your income by just uploading videos advertising a product. So go on and try it!! I definitely am liking it so far even though I only made 2 videos but it's a great start to start networking and getting yourself out there. I for one am in financial struggle and this is one way that can help me build up on my finances and Im sure it'll help you guys out too! What are you waiting for?! Sign up today and start making those videos!! You wont regret it! By the way, there are contests as well so you can enter yourself in and who ever has the best video or most views gets a prize!!! Im definitely in this and I say you guys should be too! See you there!! =]

Click here to visit the site (or copy and paste into the address bar)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sigma Affliate!

Hey guys! I know it's been a long time since I last updated my blog but I wanted to spread the news that I am now a Sigma Affliate! So if you are interested in investing in some new great quality makeup brushes I highly recommend buying Sigma brushes. If you're interested please click the link below! Thanks! =]

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bronze Smokey eye look

So trying out my new eye palette that I got from CVS today and I loved how the color payoff came out. The look is absolutely beautiful and it's a great wear for this upcoming season...FALL!  It's a very natural look well...very neutral I should say and lately I have been into the whole bronzie brown look and it's very suitable to wear out on an everyday basis for school, work, hanging out with the girls..or guys ;) haha and it's just a fun everyday wear. I know for sure this will be the look that I will be using for the rest of the year when I dont feel like wearing too much color to class. The products that I used are as followed:

Wet n Wild's Vanity palette
Smashbox's Photofinish Lid Primer
Smashbox's Blackout shadow
Maybelline's The Falsies Volume express
Wet n Wild's Heather Silk blush
NYX Slide on Glide on eye pencil in Jet Black
L'Oreal's Liquid liner in carbon black

Brushes that I used:
BHCosmetics Flat Liner brush
Sonya Kashuk Fluffy brush
Sonya Kashuk Flat shader brush
E.L.F blush brush
E.L.F contouring brush

The foundation that I wore was from Estee Lauder the Double wear in Soft Tan.
The results:

I made a tutorial video to show you how I applied this look. =]