Friday, November 11, 2011

some guys just dont understand...

u meet me we start off talking..we get to know each other for like an hr only about you and you know so little about me. u try to impress me with your stories and pictures of ur life i show u nothing of mine. that concludes the day, i see u unexpectedly a second time that i was hoping i was never ever to see you again because ur just some random person that needed someone to talk to. we talk again. this time more about you and still nothing about me just that you know i have a boyfriend. heres what i think of you in the time that we talked to each other:
-please dont insist on me going out on a date with you because i will not go with you in the matter of time we met.
-dont tell me how bad u want a girl that u want to make happy when clearly im really not interested.
-stop calling me names such as sunshine, gorgeous, and beautiful it’s all flattering but we’re not dating.
-dont tell me how im some angel fallen from the heavens cuz i’ve heard that before and clearly ur just trying to get on my good side.
-im not interested in you are that you are with me, i have a boyfriend and i can only see you as an acquaintance/friend and that all im ever going to see you as
-stop calling me and begging me to talk on the phone with you because that clearly just makes things worse for me
-please dont send me a thousand messages asking me if im busy because in the time that i dont respond to ur text message it prety much means im actually doing something not ignoring you.
-dont tell me u wish u could see me cuz thats never going to happen considering that i make time for my family and my bf along with school.
-when i say that im not comfortable with something i really mean it and im not just saying that.
-i do not wish to prolong our friendship at all because its really not worth it i hardly know you 
-when i say im busy im busy..
-please listen when i say i do not wish to talk on the phone because i really dont
-one more thing, when i say that i have a boyfriend i have a boyfriend. im not just saying that cuz i can when i was single but no i am taken. dont tell me how u wish i was yours and make me pity my relationship because im not falling for it plus you’re a total stranger to me and you dont even go to my school let alone go to school. you’re 25 and live with ur mom and already have a child with ur ex. now what makes you think im going to just go for you? i honestly think ur not as attractive and to be honest if i were to wear heels around you id be a little bit taller..the fact that you told me u already have a kid just kinda made me think wow…okay….no.
i know this is one hell of a shallow, mean post about this guy but its getting annoying, and he cant seem to respect that i have a boyfriend. hes asks me about 5 times to go on a date and i absolutely refuse because i feel it isnt right at all and im just not down with that. so im pretty much ready to block his number real soon..