Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bronze Smokey eye look

So trying out my new eye palette that I got from CVS today and I loved how the color payoff came out. The look is absolutely beautiful and it's a great wear for this upcoming season...FALL!  It's a very natural look well...very neutral I should say and lately I have been into the whole bronzie brown look and it's very suitable to wear out on an everyday basis for school, work, hanging out with the girls..or guys ;) haha and it's just a fun everyday wear. I know for sure this will be the look that I will be using for the rest of the year when I dont feel like wearing too much color to class. The products that I used are as followed:

Wet n Wild's Vanity palette
Smashbox's Photofinish Lid Primer
Smashbox's Blackout shadow
Maybelline's The Falsies Volume express
Wet n Wild's Heather Silk blush
NYX Slide on Glide on eye pencil in Jet Black
L'Oreal's Liquid liner in carbon black

Brushes that I used:
BHCosmetics Flat Liner brush
Sonya Kashuk Fluffy brush
Sonya Kashuk Flat shader brush
E.L.F blush brush
E.L.F contouring brush

The foundation that I wore was from Estee Lauder the Double wear in Soft Tan.
The results:

I made a tutorial video to show you how I applied this look. =]

CVS Haul!!

I pretty much bought some nail colors and make up wipes and a new eye shadow palette called Vanity from wet and wild and I was super happy that i finally got around to buying it because I have been wanting it for so so long and I LOVE IT! Totally should buy it if you havent already checked it out. Here's the video I made explaining everything I recently bought! =]

Sunday, August 21, 2011

New look..

Here I created a yellow green look..I know this look is tried in by many other makeup artists but I wanted to try it out myself. Since my skin complexion is pretty much dark the colors are so vibrant as to those who are fair skinned. So I decided to take on this look using my BHCosmetics 88 Matte shadow palette with my Sonya Kashuk brushes. I primed my eyes first with Smashbox's photo finish lid primer and then on top of that I smudged NYX's jumbo pencil in Milk all over my lid. The with a flat shader brush I picked up the brightest yellow on the pallete follwed by a yellow-green shade a few colors below it and the inner half of my eye is yellow while the outer half of my eye is yellow-green. I had to really pack that on my lid to get the color to stand out. Then what I did next was take a small crease brush and dab it on a darker green shade to outline my crease and outer corners of my eyes just a bit. For a highlight color I used the color that was most similar to my skin tone and lined my eyes with smashbox's blackout shadow and a liner brush on my top lid.
For the bottom part of my lids I took the same colors I used on my top lid and lined my lower lash line with it starting from the outer corner with the darker green and making my way to the inner corner with the yellow. I also took a black pencil and lined my water line lightly to make the black seem barely there.
For my lips I took L'Oreal's lipstick in Forver Fuschia to complete my look.
I had a great time creating this look, I couldnt be anymore happy of how the result came out. =]

Bright Blue Smokey look!

So I got A LOT of feedback from my picture that I have as my default and I thought I would share how I created this look by posting up a video. This is the picture that everyone seems to be loving:
So What I did was I pretty much just came upon this look randomly, I had just recently bought a new shadow from MAC called Zingy and I absolutely fell in love with this color. The blue is so vibrant and I randomly came up with different ideas in how to put this color to use. The first idea of course was this bright smokey eye look with a vibrant red lip color. I just recently fell into the whole red lipstick phase because I had doubts before that I didnt suit it enough to pull off a super red lip color, but of course one day I decided to just try it out and I absolutely just fell in love with it. Now I have a whole lip stick collection of bright reds and fuschia lip colors along with nudes as well.
This was a fun look to wear out although I didn't really go anywhere that day I wore it but I loved how the result came out and everyone as soon as I posted it up just fell in love with the look and it inspired me to go ahead and shoot a video showing how I created it. 
Products I used were:

Estee Lauder Double Wear in Soft Tan
Estee Lauder Double Matte pressed powder in Medium/deep
Wet n Wild Bronzer in Princess
Wet n Wild Blush in Heather Silk

Smashbox primer
NYX Jumbo pencil in White
Smashbox shadow in blackout
Smashbox shadow in vanilla
NYX Slide on pencil in Jet black
Maybelline the Falsies

L'Oreal Lip liner in Always Red
L'oreal Lipstick in 315 True Red

Brushes I used were mainly from Sonya Kashuk and BHCosmetics.
And here is the video for you to enjoy!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The weather outside...

the weather outside is pretty cool now considering it's evening now but man has it been so hot! Southern CA gets it bad when it come to summer...goodness...nothing but tanks and shorts and what not right? haha well since it's warm out there in here in my apartment its like a freezer and it got so cold in here that I had to toss on my hoody haha good ol air never fail me =]

Ojon Oil hair treatment.

So I tried out the Ojon Oil sample I received when I had made a purchase at Sephora and the ending result was very promising. What I did was just rubbed my palms together with the product on to activate the oil and soaked it all over my hair and waited for about twenty minutes. The only thing that I wasn't too happy about was how it smelled when I put on. The odor was just intense; it smelled of something organic and rotten at the same time and it was just unbearable to sit here for twenty minutes letting it do its magic on my hair.
So after about fifteen minutes I decided to wash out my hair; I had originally planned on just having it on all night because of how dry and damaged my hair was but I couldn't take the smell.
This product can be used whenever need, it does say to use it weekly but for some people I may assume that you wouldnt need to use weekly maybe just once in a while but since my hair is soo horrible I am going to use it on a weekly basis for twenty minutes. Down below I posted a youtube video explaining how I felt about the product and go ahead and feel free to write to me what you thought about the product if you have tried out yourself! Thanks for reading!! =]

Good ol' Monday..

So it's monday annd I am here in my room doing absolutely nothing. Been waiting for phone calls all day.. trying to figure out how to get to work from here all the way from san bernardino to ontario. Let alone to just visit my boyfriend since I am now carless. Thinking about hanging out with some friends tomorrow and weds but I dont know if I feel like going out. Supposed to spend the night have some wine and then beach trip the next day. It does sound exciting when I have that one friend who is leaving for Berkeley thursday morning. It saddens me that I haven't got the chance to see her only for a few minutes friday night. But to know I wont see her much at all this year until winter break or possibly thanksgiving break it breaks my heart.
We were all such close friends and after junior college we just went our seperate ways keeping in touch through skype, email, texts which ever...and whenever I am in need of trouble I have no one to talk to..I mean I do but it's all through email and phone. For once i would like someone to just run to me when I need it. Like this weekend, I needed to see someone all day and everyone was either working or busy and it really bummed me out how I couldn't just talk to anyone..let alone i didnt have a car and no one was willing to come see. Other than one of my cousins she totally lagged it I understand she was having fun with her friends for her early 30th but today she said she would take me out and i just gave up. I had a feeling that she would forget and I wasn't going to keep bothering her because I know how busy she is sometimes. *sighs* like i really feel like i fell in a deep hole...I dont have means of transportation anymore the only choices I have is the metro and busses when really I dont enough money to begin with to pay them.
Things have been running through my mind alot lately and I know that people have told me before to just keep my head up and that things would get better and to be honest everytime I did keep my head and hoped for the best something else went wrong and the ending results are nothing but screams and foul language and no terms to agree to.
And in all..I miss my boyfriend..even though I just seen him last friday before all the wreck happened I just really miss his hugs, his smile, his voice...everything...and Im so eager to just hop on the bus right now and get the metro but it just so much effort to keep track of the times and making sure I make it on time.
So now this concludes my post. I'm starting to feel very woozy and drowsy from this medicine I took a couple of minutes ago just because I thought I was getting sick. I mean i was sneezing all morning and my nose had a major sinus problem.
I miss everything, everyone.
The most thing that I miss is being able to paint what I'm feeling right now..but I dont earn enough to buy any supplies. I miss it. A lot.


Hi! My name is Christina and I am a 22 year old girl living life on campus. I am a huge art fan in which i have my own paintings, drawings, photography, and such. I also am starting to get into makeup as well in which I practice most colors and such on myself. I do indeed do makeup on others as well but its has only gone as far as to just family members. I am interested in being freelance of makeup and photography. I do own a professional camera and am still in the works of figuring out the kinks and what not. Here are a few of my works...paintings, drawings, makeup, etc. =]

more to come with pics of what I do in my spare time..