Monday, August 15, 2011

Ojon Oil hair treatment.

So I tried out the Ojon Oil sample I received when I had made a purchase at Sephora and the ending result was very promising. What I did was just rubbed my palms together with the product on to activate the oil and soaked it all over my hair and waited for about twenty minutes. The only thing that I wasn't too happy about was how it smelled when I put on. The odor was just intense; it smelled of something organic and rotten at the same time and it was just unbearable to sit here for twenty minutes letting it do its magic on my hair.
So after about fifteen minutes I decided to wash out my hair; I had originally planned on just having it on all night because of how dry and damaged my hair was but I couldn't take the smell.
This product can be used whenever need, it does say to use it weekly but for some people I may assume that you wouldnt need to use weekly maybe just once in a while but since my hair is soo horrible I am going to use it on a weekly basis for twenty minutes. Down below I posted a youtube video explaining how I felt about the product and go ahead and feel free to write to me what you thought about the product if you have tried out yourself! Thanks for reading!! =]

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