Sunday, October 23, 2011

First Impressions/Review on Revlon Lipsticks

I went down to CVS earlier today to purchase some home goods i.e toilet paper, sponges, soap, etc. And I stopped by the make up section (like I always do) and I saw Revlon was having some sales on their lip products so knowing that I've seen a few Youtube gurus talk about the products I decided to pick up some myself and try them out see if they're worth what the gurus say they are. I picked up one lipstick in 045 Raspberry and since the color shown on the tube was a deeper red, I was expecting a red bright red but toned down just a little but when I got home and opened the tube it was more of a deep burgundy red and it was way different than what I thought it was in the store and of course i couldn't open the package because it was sealed. The next lip product I bought was the Colorstay Ultimate liquid lipstick, now in the store I had thought well this is a pretty color ( I picked up the one in 010 Premium Pink) and assuming that it's a wear alone lipstick but it wasnt. When I opened up the products at home I was just shocked at how I perceived these products differently in the store. When I tried on the Raspberry lipstick I actually like how the color came out on my lips I know its a darker color than what I normally wear but since this is the fall season dark colors are now the trend. It has a silk gloss finish to it and it really feels like Im not wearing anything on my lips at all, So I decided why not and be daring with the darker lip color. The colorstay liquid lipstick is what disappointed me the most; assuming that this lipstick was wear alone it really wasn't, my lips felt super dry after application and it felt like I needed that extra gloss to keep my lips from over drying. The consistency was fine but afterwards my lips started to get tacky and if I had my lips closed long enough I swear it felt like my lips would be glued together. Overall I do regret purchasing this lip product and considering that I get my money back for it because this is something i try to avoid in lip products. Here are some pics and swatches I know they arn't as clear but I wanted to get a basic idea for you to view.
Premium Pink


Check out my video as well to hear more about my thoughts!

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